Build Optionality: Navigating an Acquisition

Lak Ananth and William Smith Read

Investing in Skylo as it Unlocks Next-Generation Communications

T.J. Rylander and Colton Dempsey Read

From Copilot to Pilot: Using AI to End Manual Sales Tasks

Gaurav Kotak, Santi Suarez Ordoñez, and Ashley Wilson Read
Enterprise Founders Playbook: Seed to Series A

Trying to figure out what’s next in your enterprise startup’s journey? In this series, we explore the common questions enterprise founders have at the early stage and what can make the difference between success and failure as you move from Seed to Series A.

Enterprise Sales Playbook: Unlock Your Market Potential

Ensure your go-to-market strategy aligns with the latest industry knowledge with our Enterprise Sales Playbook. Written by the Next47 team, sales experts, and founders, this series covers what you need to know to scale your business effectively.

Anticipate Failure

Transform setbacks into stepping stones in Lak Ananth’s Anticipate Failure series, based on his book by the same name. In a world where innovation requires risk, learn how to turn failures into catalysts for success.

In-Depth Conversations on AI and Innovation in SaaS

Artificial intelligence is leading every company to reinvent itself. With innovation at every turn, organizations and consumers alike are imagining what’s around the corner.
In this series, Gaurav Kotak talks with founders and tech leaders using AI to shape their industries and products.


Time to Automate—Your Sales Tech Stack

Wikings Machado, Morgan Lopez, Albert Cheng, and Michael Heilmann

Automate your sales process with this guide. Uncover the secrets of a successful sales tech stack, guiding you through essential tools and vendors.

Going Indirect—Kickstarting a Channel Sales Program
Wikings Machado, Micah Smurthwaite, Tomás Klausing, and CJ Radford

Learn how a well-built partner program can be a game-changer, elevating your sales strategy and reaching customers beyond your direct network.

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