Enterprise Sales Playbook: Unlock Your Market Potential

Ensure your go-to-market strategy aligns with the latest industry knowledge with our Enterprise Sales Playbook. Written by the Next47 team, leading sales experts, and founders, this series covers what you need to know to scale your business effectively.

The Power of Precision—Crafting Your Ideal Customer Profile
Wikings Machado, Greg Bruggeman, and Paul Williamson

From pain points to personas: A comprehensive guide to mapping your ICP and understanding buyer behavior.

Covering Bases—The Buying Influences
Wikings Machado and Igor Marinelli

In the evolving world of B2B sales, a core concept that stands the test of time is “Buying Influences.” After creating your ICP, it’s critical to understand the different buying influences that will impact the decision-making process.

Taking Shots—Lead Generation
Wikings Machado and John Mao

While conversion is essential in sales, lead generation is a numbers game and your machine must be equipped to handle it. This article will be a how-to guide for building that machine. There are two main approaches to lead generation: inbound and outbound sales.

Measuring What Matters—Sales Metrics
Wikings Machado, Richard Lui, and Mark Little

Choosing the right sales metrics is vital for startup success. Identify which you should prioritize in this article.

Aligning Incentives—Sales Rep Metrics and Compensation
Wikings Machado, Briana Carter, and Jason Eubanks

Learn how to shape your early-stage sales team and create effective compensation plans for lasting success.

Time to Automate—Your Sales Tech Stack
Wikings Machado, Morgan Lopez, Albert Cheng, and Michael Heilmann

Automate your sales process with this guide. Uncover the secrets of a successful sales tech stack, guiding you through essential tools and vendors.

Under the Surface—Managing Your Sales Content
Wikings Machado, Alex Aharonov, and Kevin O’Donnell

Explore the art of crafting sales collateral that captivates, educates, and closes deals.

Going Indirect—Kickstarting a Channel Sales Program
Wikings Machado and CJ Radford

Learn how a well-built partner program can be a game-changer, elevating your sales strategy and reaching customers beyond your direct network.

Time to Expand—Going International
Wikings Machado, Albert Cheng, and Ryan Herman

Looking to break into a new international market? This article breaks down the 3 steps you need to take to get started.

Putting It All Together—Build Your Sales Enablement Playbook
Wikings Machado

Craft your Sales Enablement Playbook: From value proposition to tactical plays, build a sales machine with our step-by-step downloadable guide.