A new approach
to innovation.

We put you, the entrepreneur, at the center of our universe.
By unlocking the Siemens ecosystem and tapping into its global network of customers, we help you grow and get customers, faster. We don’t just provide value. We multiply it, bridging the gap between innovation and implementation.

“We’ve done a number of rounds of financing and met best in class investors. Usually the most you get is funding and a few introductions, but as far as having a dedicated group to sit down and figure out how to help your startup actually grow and help get you through other hurdles? I’ve never seen that anywhere else. I think it’s a great model and a new take on venture.”

Greg Mark

Founder & CEO, Markforged

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The Right Capital

Independent. Patient. Smart.

Your startup is solving difficult and fundamental challenges. You need an investor who can move quickly and who is in it for the long-haul. You need a partner who is well connected and can bring the right people to the table when you need it.

We move fast, make our own investment decisions, and are aligned with the teams we invest in. In that way, we have not only the resources to contribute meaningfully to a smart syndicate but also the motivation to take every startup we work with to the next level.

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Global Scale

Worldwide footprint. Incomparable industry access.

Expanding into new markets is key to long-term growth. But accessing and navigating those markets can be daunting. Our global investment and business development teams break down those barriers by leveraging our own global footprint as well as the Siemens ecosystem that spans a broad set of industries across more than 200 countries worldwide.

Catalyze Growth

Putting the world to work for you.

Scaling a successful startup requires more than money and introductions. That's why we created our Catalyst team: business development professionals around the world dedicated to making Siemens small for our portfolio partners. From validating your technology and proving product-market fit to accelerating adoption across markets and brokering partnerships between startups and existing Siemens customers. Our team has one mission: to be your catalyst for growth.

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