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We Know

Enterprise Business

Our hyper-focus on enterprise means founders who choose to work with us gain a true knowledge and resources partner. We specialize in SaaS, Enterprise IT, Deep Tech, and AI/ML/Dev, and approach our investments with a strategic mindset rooted in our experience as investors and operators. This uniquely focused approach allows us to help founders think two to three steps ahead, connect with industry leaders who have an outsize impact, and unleash business potential faster.

We Are

Long-Term Partners

We lead investments in early and expansion stage enterprise companies and partner with founders as they build and scale for the long-term. As partners with deep conviction, we are committed to providing the support and resources founders need throughout every stage of their growth journey.

We Leverage OUR

Single Global Fund

Long-term partnership with founders is core to who we are, and our commitment to backing one category-leading company globally enables us to support each founder through the ups and downs of building and scaling products that power the world. We work locally with each founder but invest as one firm globally, enabling our entire team across the US, Europe, and Israel to support founders regardless of geography and ensuring there are no silos or competing priorities.

Accelerating Growth

We help founders accelerate revenue through our unique network of 250+ customers across 15 countries. Our unmatched global go-to-market team helps founders secure key customers, build a wider footprint, and unlock critical breakthroughs.

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