sennder: Reimagining Freight

sennder is a digital freight forwarder based in Berlin that uses technology to help carriers overcome the challenges of a fragmented and inefficient logistics market. Learn how they partnered with Next47 to get to the right corporate decision-makers early on in the sales cycle.

Verkada: Building the World’s Most Awesome Video Solution

Filip Kaliszan, Founder & CEO of Verkada talks about how Next47 is helping him achieve his vision of making all commercial buildings run on Verkada systems: “Some investors offer you capital. Some investors offer you capital and board advice. I think Next47 Catalyst is the third layer of help that an investor can offer. It's a way to enable the company to move faster and solve whatever tactical programs they have ahead of them to enable that growth.”

Claroty: Making Industrial Infrastructure Across the World Safer

As a start-up targeting large, global, industrial enterprises with a high barrier-to-entry for new technologies, Claroty’s biggest business development imperative was to find established technology partners through which they could deploy their software while removing any unnecessary hurdles.

How Markforged Went From Zero to a $5 Million Backlog in Three Months

Markforged and Next47, Siemens’ global venture firm, teamed up following the company's C-round in a multinational effort to grow Markforged’s business.