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Debjit Mukerji

Debjit Mukerji


Debjit is a Director with Next47’s global investment team based in Palo Alto. His areas of interest and expertise include autonomous systems, supply chain & logistics, robotics, industrial IOT and enterprise software. He has been a lead for Next47’s investments in rideOS, DeepScale, Turvo and Aeva and is actively involved with ChargePoint.

Debjit has been a member of the Next47 team since its formation in 2016. Prior to that, he was at Siemens Technology to Business (TTB), where he forged funding and partnership agreements between Siemens and promising startups. Debjit started his venture career at Rho Ventures, where he contributed across all of the firm’s investment areas including IT and life sciences and spent dedicated time in the energy technology space. Earlier, Debjit was a senior engineer at the Aerospace Corporation where he developed mission-critical spacecraft thermal control systems.

Debjit received a PhD and MS from Stanford University and a BS from the University of California, Berkeley, all in mechanical engineering. In his spare time, Debjit enjoys photography and travel, dabbles in tennis and snowboarding and considers himself an old-school car enthusiast.