While it might sound like a new Game of Thrones character, Bizzabo is actually here to save your next corporate event.

Conferences have always been a place to source deals, to make customer introductions, and to ultimately learn. But with new era solutions such as Bizzabo, event planners and attendees have the chance to harness information that would previously have been left on the carpeted ballroom floor of that non-descript convention center.

While events have scaled in both size and budget, the software powering these events has largely been serviced by the same players founded prior to Y2K. As such, today’s executives and consumers, many of whom are millennials, have radically different expectations around how they interact during events.

Brochures have become as useful as pagers; today’s events start before you get there and continue after you leave. Attendees want an experience that incorporates the best of what they’re accustomed to on a mobile platform with a social networking fluency. This is only possible with the next generation of event success platforms, such as Bizzabo.

Many niche products promise to accommodate various aspects of event management. Few, however, offer any integration options, leaving already-harried event managers struggling to manage a myriad of different tools that don’t talk to each other or provide a single source of truth. Bizzabo has invested heavily in building a comprehensive set of event management features into a cohesive app against the backdrop of an easy to use, delightful UX.

What’s exciting about owning the end to end experience is the massive amounts of data being produced. Bizzabo’s ability to analyze this data and empower the user is truly special. By ensuring every event stakeholder has actionable access to the most valuable data points, Bizzabo allows companies to determine the success of their live events and accurately prove event ROI — invaluable for both event planners and executives alike.

As more business happens digitally, there’s a greater need for companies to assemble their employees, partners, customers, and prospects in-person. There remains no substitute for real world, face-to-face interactions, and thus we are proud to be partners on Bizzabo’s mission to bring people together and to make live events more rewarding for everyone involved.

We at Next47 recently participated in Bizzabo’s $27 million Series D, and we’re excited to support them not just with capital, but also by connecting them to large corporations that so desperately need a holistic technology platform capable of creating, managing, and executing on every aspect of complex, large-scale events.