In-Depth Conversations on AI and Innovation in SaaS

Artificial intelligence is leading every company to reinvent itself. With innovation at every turn, organizations and consumers alike are imagining what’s around the corner. In this 10-part series, Gaurav Kotak talks with founders and tech leaders using AI to shape their industries and products. He explores every aspect of the future of AI in SaaS—from technology, safety, and ethics, to business models, funding, and regulations.

From Copilot to Pilot: Using AI to End Manual Sales Tasks
Gaurav Kotak, Santi Suarez Ordoñez, and Ashley Wilson

We end our first season chatting with Santi Suarez-Ordoñez and Ashley Wilson, who along with their third co-founder, Moiz Virani, founded

Leverage Your Beginner’s Mindset: Using AI to Innovate a Vertical
Gaurav Kotak, Julien Steel, and Jorn Vanysacker

In this episode of AI Unveiled, I speak with Jorn Vanysacker and Julien Steel at Henchman, a legal contract drafting and negotiating platform powered ...

Generating Personal Avatars: Using AI to Manage Content Chaos
Gaurav Kotak and Dominik Mate Kovacs

In this episode of AI Unveiled, I speak with Dominik Mate Kovacs, founder and CEO of Colossyan, an AI video platform for workplace learning that gener...

Pivoting From Games to $500K ACVs: Using AI to Automate Creativity
Gaurav Kotak and Satej Sirur

In this episode of AI Unveiled, I speak with Satej Sirur, founder and CEO of Rocketium, an AI-driven CreativeOps platform sold to enterprises such as ...

Using AI to Turn Ideas Into Design
Gaurav Kotak and Tony Beltramelli

In this episode of AI Unveiled, Gaurav Kotak speaks with Tony Beltramelli, the Co-Founder and CEO of Uizard, a product design and ideation tool with o...

Relevant but Wrong: Using AI to Create Trick Questions
Gaurav Kotak, Jeroen Minnaert, and Bram De Geyter

In this episode of AI Unveiled, Gaurav Kotak speaks with Bram Degeyter, VP of Product, and Jeroen Minnaert, Chief Software Architect from Showpad, a s...

Using AI to Transform Financial Research
Gaurav Kotak, Lionel Barrow, and Michelangelo D’Agostino

In this episode of AI Unveiled, Gaurav Kotak speaks with Lionel Barrow, Co-Head of Engineering, and Michelangelo D’Agostino, VP of Machine Learn...

Mimicking Humans: Using AI to Build a Better Workplace Search
Gaurav Kotak and Tariq Rauf

Gaurav Kotak sits down with Founder and CEO of Qatalog, Tariq Rauf, in this inaugural episode of AI Unveiled. Qatalog offers a knowledge intelligence ...

Gaurav Kotak

Gaurav has held product leadership roles in leading SaaS scaleups such as Marketo, Gainsight, Showpad, and SuccessFactors. He is also a 2x founder, building Voicefox, a meeting intelligence platform acquired by Showpad in 2018, and Fincredible, a public company earnings intelligence platform acquired by Tegus in 2022.

After spending two decades as a founder and scaleup operator, Gaurav brings a clear mission of serving entrepreneurs and teams that are tackling the most ambitious problems.