Thanks to our partnerships with top-tier Accelerators, we help Siemens identify and nurture the best entrepreneurial talent from within, and enable them to create the next generation businesses for Siemens.

If you work at Siemens and have a big idea that you think could be a potential game changer, follow the link below to apply for the Next47 Accelerator program.

Next47 Accelerator: Partnership with Alchemist for Siemens Intrapreneurs

Next47 + Techstars: Forever Transformed

In 2017 and 2018, Next47 partnered with Techstars to develop the next-generation of Siemens entrepreneurs. Going through the 3-month accelerator program has left these entrepreneurs Forever Transformed.

2018 Forever Transformed Programs

  • Paris

    Techstars Class 150, taking place in Paris, assembles 11 companies including Albert Health, the Siemens employee-founded start-up that’s developed an AI enabled medical voice assistant.

  • Detroit

    This year, 11 companies are participating in Techstars Class 141 – the Techstars Mobility Accelerator Class of 2018. DeepHow, the Siemens employee-founded start-up, is one of them.

“The point is not to create a corporate “feel good” program; this is part of a bigger strategic initiative within Siemens to build the next-generation businesses for the company.”

Lak Ananth

Managing Partner & CEO, Next47